Japan Blog Study Tour

Almost there…

In my last post I wrote about the styling of the site and how it was slowly coming together. Well I’m almost done with everything I wanted: frontpage – done, detail pages – done, menu – done, plugins – almost done etc… Right now I only need to update the template of the gallery and test out the new plugins I added to the site.

Japan Blog Study Tour

First blog entry

This is the first entry I write on my brand new spanking blog Cool

While I’m typing this the whole site is still in a big overhaul but at least I’m making some slow progress to get the styles and components set up like I wanted. Next up is the installation of comments, the gallery and finishing the layout of this site.


Japan Page Info


I will be visiting companies and looking at culture sites all over Japan but we will be focussing on Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and their surroundings.

The visiting schedule is as follows:

Date DoW City Morning Afternoon Evening
09-02 Sat Enschede  
10-02 Sun Osaka Flight  
11-02 Mon Umeda Sky Building Fushimi Inari Dotombori
12-02 Tue Omron NAIST  
13-02 Wed Himeji Osaka University  
14-02 Thu NEC C&C Labs NTT CS Lab  
15-02 Fri
Nara Shigisan
16-02 Sat Osaka/Kyoto Kyoto Imperial Palace    
17-02 Sun Kyoto Hiroshima
18-02 Mon NICT ATR  
19-02 Tue Kyoto/Tokyo   Toyota Travel to Tokyo
20-02 Wed Tokyo Tokyo Denki University NHK  
21-02 Thu
22-02 Fri NII
JBL Match
23-02 Sat Nikko  
24-02 Sun      
25-02 Mon IBM TRL Fuji Xerox  
26-02 Tue Tokyo / Tsukuba Kajima JAXA  
27-02 Wed Tsukuba / Tokyo University of Tsukuba AIST  
28-02 Thu Tokyo Ubiquitous Ginza AGI  
29-02 Fri   Sharp  
01-03 Sat Tokyo/Enschede
Japan Page Info

About Me

My name is Berend Dekens and this blog is about my trip to Japan in February and March of 2008. I am a student at the university of Twente and I am currently finishing my master degree in Embedded Systems. As small break from my study I’ve decided to go with the Bonsai study tour.

More to come soon!


More updates, more upgrades, more stuff gets broken

Please hold on while we update the software running this site…

Actually this is meant quite literally: we are currently updating every piece of software on this server as well as updating the CMS for this site.

One of the site effects of that upgrade is the breaking of loads of stuff on this site. The guest book is now permanently off-line as it is useless. The download section has been fixed and is working again. The photo gallery is sort of working: after turning off the SEF url support its working (but it should work with SEF enabled as well) – we’ll ook into it…

Hopefully all this will pay off by streamlining the website and even boost the development of the new layout. (Which is probably delayed until the next version of the CMS software is ready).

Just bare with us – eventually everything will be back up and running 🙂


Site revamp coming up

This site has mostly been a frontend for my server and various other sites. The time has come to revamp the whole site, perhaps upgrade to a new CMS and what not… Ii’m thinking purple as the new base color… and with a new design, new color scheme comes ofcourse a decent domain: as of now the site is available through 🙂 More news will follow once I actually get round to rebuild the site.


EVE Meeting photos are up!

Finally I managed to pull myself together and upload the photos of the London EVE-Online 2006 meet in de Hoggshead. This brilliant meeting was an unofficial meeting set up by DJ Xyliana and pulled hundreds of EVE players from all over the world.

You can find the photos in the Photo Gallery.

General blog entries

Bugatti Veyron widescreen wallpapers

After watching Top Gear and the Bugatti Veyron I looked for some decent wallpapers for widescreen laptops. Guess what, there are none! Rediculously most wallpapers out there are 800×600 or if you’re lucky 1024×768 – a resolution none of my computers uses anymore.

So I decided to whack up some of my own and while I was at it I thought about sharing them 🙂

Mind you that this first batch is all the same wallpaper but with different finishing touches. Right now I made them at 1440×900 as thats my native resolution. If and when I create more wallpapers I will post it here. Meanwhile, use the Contact form for requests 🙂

You can find the wallpapers in the gallery, under the random storage gallery (hard to miss as it shows the first wallpaper as a highlight 😉 )


Alcatel Speedtouch under Gentoo linux


This is my first How-to so bear with me 🙂

This guide is written for people who want to use an old Alcatel Speedtouch ADSL modem under linux. The first part of the guide will tell you how to set up the uplink using the modem. After that, I’ll explain how to turn the gentoo machine which controls the uplink into a internet router.

Note: this is a copy from the original article I posted on Gentoo Wiki. By now there might be differences in the content but this is the original.
Updated: Reformatted by hand to clean up the HTML to fix the layout.

General blog entries

MySQL update complete…

Remembering the saying:
    It if ain’t broken, do not fix it!
I left my server untouched as pretty much everything on there is in use so wrecking stuff might be a problem 🙂

ImageHowever, after 9 months or so I decided it was about time to update the server and make sure everything works as expected (again). I extracted the database content as the update guide explained and started the mysql compile for upgrade. 15 minutes or so in the compile I discovered that the SQL export file was empty… After cursing and some frantic Googling I decided to stop the compile, copy the raw database files back and keep my fingers crossed as I fired up the incomplete mysql server.

Although I saw loads of errors it seemed to come online – sorta.
I tried extracting the data once more, copied the backup, backed up that one once more, moved it off site and then made the whole collection read-only – just to be sure, ya know 😛

After 3 more hours of compiling (why did I shut down the compiler again?!) it was finally done and after some agonising moments after entering the startup and import commands I was relieved to see the whole shabang coming back to life.

I was planning on doing the apache server next but for now l think I’ll leave it at this 🙂

Cyberwizzard signing off at 4:31 AM…