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What this is all about

I received a few emails from people who wandered onto this site (no clue how they got here or what they were looking for) but the question was the same: what is your site about?

To keep it simple: nothing in particular.

Now  that may seem like a useless answer but its accurate, at least at the moment. I run my own web server and somehow people seem to visit the root to see whats on here. I had only an empty home page to have an index but the hits kept coming and I wondered why.

Then I discovered that some people used the url from the gallery that I was running for personal use to find out what was on here. That gave me the idea to put a page at the root so visitors would have at least something to look at.

After a first attempt to build my own CMS I gave up when I found out how complex this could be and in the light of hundreds of out-of-the-box solutions I started out with phpNuke. For some reason I got hacked twice in 3 weeks and after I found out the database was flooded with racist slogans and nazi propaganda I gave up on phpNuke (yes I followed the manual to the letter so I don’t know what went wrong but I was pissed like hell and just got rid of it all).

Next was Etomite as I explained in one of the first news postings. Although a nice CMS, its hard to skin and the project died a few months ago from this writing date.

Finally I settled for Mambo, the current CMS. It looks nice, its high customizable and although having a steep learning curve I’m giving it a go with all my good ideas in mind. I’m still planning on adding useful content and Mambo can be altered to provide support for reviews, programming examples, articles – you name it.

So far I have nothing ready yet but in time it will be added 🙂