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Bugatti Veyron widescreen wallpapers

After watching Top Gear and the Bugatti Veyron I looked for some decent wallpapers for widescreen laptops. Guess what, there are none! Rediculously most wallpapers out there are 800×600 or if you’re lucky 1024×768 – a resolution none of my computers uses anymore.

So I decided to whack up some of my own and while I was at it I thought about sharing them 🙂

Mind you that this first batch is all the same wallpaper but with different finishing touches. Right now I made them at 1440×900 as thats my native resolution. If and when I create more wallpapers I will post it here. Meanwhile, use the Contact form for requests 🙂

You can find the wallpapers in the gallery, under the random storage gallery (hard to miss as it shows the first wallpaper as a highlight 😉 )