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MySQL update complete…

Remembering the saying:
    It if ain’t broken, do not fix it!
I left my server untouched as pretty much everything on there is in use so wrecking stuff might be a problem 🙂

ImageHowever, after 9 months or so I decided it was about time to update the server and make sure everything works as expected (again). I extracted the database content as the update guide explained and started the mysql compile for upgrade. 15 minutes or so in the compile I discovered that the SQL export file was empty… After cursing and some frantic Googling I decided to stop the compile, copy the raw database files back and keep my fingers crossed as I fired up the incomplete mysql server.

Although I saw loads of errors it seemed to come online – sorta.
I tried extracting the data once more, copied the backup, backed up that one once more, moved it off site and then made the whole collection read-only – just to be sure, ya know 😛

After 3 more hours of compiling (why did I shut down the compiler again?!) it was finally done and after some agonising moments after entering the startup and import commands I was relieved to see the whole shabang coming back to life.

I was planning on doing the apache server next but for now l think I’ll leave it at this 🙂

Cyberwizzard signing off at 4:31 AM…