Tune up

ImageWelcome to my new site. Once more a switch from CMS.

The last attempt for a decent front page was Etomite. However a fine program with lots of options and easy to maintain this CMS appears to have died. The creators ran into trouble and made a final release before disbanding the project.
The site seems to have gone offline but I’ve been told this is just temporary while they switch hosts to provide at least access to forums and docs for old users.
No ImageFor people like me who felt a problem coming up because there would be no more active support and no more fixes and updates it was time to choose a new CMS.
Thanks to the lads at I managed to choose a new program, Mambo

This new CMS is more advanced, has better support for skins and the making for a huge site, which by the way, is probably not what will happen here but hey, at least I have the option to do so 🙂

Well, all that remains to say is that the layout will be constructed whenever I find the time. Perhaps I find some usefull stuff to put up here as well, probably programming concepts as thats my main hobby/education.

For now, the Cyberwizzard signs off and continues to tinker with all settings.

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