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I will be visiting companies and looking at culture sites all over Japan but we will be focussing on Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and their surroundings.

The visiting schedule is as follows:

Date DoW City Morning Afternoon Evening
09-02 Sat Enschede  
10-02 Sun Osaka Flight  
11-02 Mon Umeda Sky Building Fushimi Inari Dotombori
12-02 Tue Omron NAIST  
13-02 Wed Himeji Osaka University  
14-02 Thu NEC C&C Labs NTT CS Lab  
15-02 Fri
Nara Shigisan
16-02 Sat Osaka/Kyoto Kyoto Imperial Palace    
17-02 Sun Kyoto Hiroshima
18-02 Mon NICT ATR  
19-02 Tue Kyoto/Tokyo   Toyota Travel to Tokyo
20-02 Wed Tokyo Tokyo Denki University NHK  
21-02 Thu
22-02 Fri NII
JBL Match
23-02 Sat Nikko  
24-02 Sun      
25-02 Mon IBM TRL Fuji Xerox  
26-02 Tue Tokyo / Tsukuba Kajima JAXA  
27-02 Wed Tsukuba / Tokyo University of Tsukuba AIST  
28-02 Thu Tokyo Ubiquitous Ginza AGI  
29-02 Fri   Sharp  
01-03 Sat Tokyo/Enschede

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