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Thundering Silence

IMG_3349 To cover the silence I’ll post something on here right now (at gunpoint from my sister). Thanks to the right down crap internet (or rather no internet at all most of the time) I was forced to stop uploading pictures to my site and upload stories as well. Not to worry, most of the adventures of the idiot in Japan are safely stored on this computer but I now finally have the time to finish writing the stories and adding pictures to them (it helps to actually move them from the camera to the computer – d0h).

Right now I’m finishing up last weeks things and hopefully I’ll be able to post the stories from Hiroshima onwards within a day. Actually I’m typing this from my hotel chamber which has no internet connection as well (sigh). We found a Yahoo internet cafe at the 3rd floor though so with a bit of luck I’ll be able to upload at least this message.

On a side note: the raptor above is not a mockup toy but a real walking mecha – if you wanna find out more stay tuned ^_^.

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