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KNetworkConf in KDE4 and Gentoo Baselayout-2

For a while now, I wondered why they ship KNetworkConf with KDE4 if its not working at all. The GUI shows up fine but none of the interfaces actually show up (making it pretty hard to configure them).

Today I found out why: the configuration panel is not incomplete, it is incompatible. You see, Gentoo is starting to switch to baselayout-2, a new and improved system layout which should solve a million quirks that have been part of the system for years now.

According to this bug report on, this is because the network listing is no longer the way it was: it is now a new kind of array (bash compatible or something).

Marvelous as this may be, it breaks knetworkconf in KDE 4.2.2 and older. Lets just hope that the new (service) release fixes this ‘ minor’ glitch.

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