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In my quest for VoIP support in the Netherlands I found a lot of providers. Most of them seem to be catering the consumer needs rather than the prosumer or even business needs. Most providers fall under one of 3 categories: consumer (“free” landline calls but usually not unlimited call time resulting in paid minutes after a certain time), prosumer (better defined call rates, subscriptions, professional level support) and corporate (meant for large businesses, lots of trunks, hosted PBX and so on).

Note that I omit the service providers that only provide services for their own customers. For example, Tele2 has a business oriented VoIP division but also provides VoIP telephony to their DSL customers.

Known ISPs with a VoIP service for their customers: KPN, Tele2, XS4all, @Home (Ziggo).

Note: the listing above is incomplete and based upon results I found in my search online.


VoIP Goedkoop

This is a handy site containing links to multiple “free” VoIP providers. These are fine for consumer usage, normally are not suited for business usage (free equals no quality guarantee, no subscriptions) and usually do not come with DID services.


As one of the more wide known service providers, VoIPBuster advertises with free calls. The “free” here is relative as not all destinations are actually free and for example land line calling in the Netherlands is “free” for a minute (they call that a “Superdeal”, a choice of words which is not reflected by their meaning), after which an unspecified fee is charged. Also, every 120 days, a user needs to reactivate their account by paying 10 Euros, which is converted into 10 Euros credit. Also, mobile numbers cost 25 cpm, which is twice as much as every other VoIP provider I found, not a bargain at all…



VoipQ supports subscriptions, clear call rates and supports DID services as well.


SpeakUp also provides subscriptions, DIDs and clear calling rates. The also offer hosted PBX or just trunk services.

Voys Telecom

Supports VoIP subscriptions from one to multiple lines and everything that comes with it. Does not seem to be the cheapest provider but they seem to have a good reputation.



KPN is the leading Dutch telecom company for decades. Slowly they start to move from POTS solutions to VoIP, for example for their DSL and fibre customers. For the corporate markt they only aim for the big players, as only the start fee is 2000 Euros at the time of writing and subscriptions are expressed in 3 digit monthly fees for the smallest packages. Great for huge corporations and call centers, but useless for everyone else.

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