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Change SVN repository location

For some reason, repositories can be moved around. If you are using a working copy to develop a program or web-application or whatever, the move usually only implies a ‘check-out’ and you are set.

However, sometimes the repository is part of a production environment. To be precise, the production version is prepped in a special branch and then deployed using Subversion. Upgrading a website to a newer version only requires a ‘svn up’ and if you automate the database upgrades as well, web management becomes a breeze.

You might imagine that moving the repository in such an environment is less than desirable: each site or application which is part of that repository becomes un-upgradable and checking out everything by hand and setting it all up (plus the verification that every part is still functional) becomes a time consuming task.

However, the SVN information is all stored in plain text files. The following snippet switches the repository from to svn:// This means you can quickly switch protocol, host names or even the location within a certain host. Simply copy-paste the code below into a file in the directory holding one or more projects for that repository, change the URLs (do not forget to escape by replacing ‘/’ with ‘\/’) and run the script.

DIRS=`find . -name ".svn"`
for dir in ${DIRS}
  echo "Processing $dir"
  FILES=`find $dir`
  for file in ${FILES}
    if [ -f ${file} ]; then
      echo "Fixing '${file}'..."
      sed 's/http:\/\/\/\/' "${file}" > "${file}.tmp"
      mv "${file}.tmp" "${file}"

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