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Rushing to the finish

Its been a few days since my last posting because I’ve been so darn busy.

For starters, I managed to get my insurance policy in English so I can take it with me at all times like the travel guides suggest. Next I tried getting Yen from the local GWK as they have "all kinds of currency in stock". Yes, all except for Yen they mean.

So when I got to the counter after one couple had been standing there for over 12 minutes (while I was parked at a 5 minute free parking zone and thus was risking a 50 euro fine by then), and finally got to order the money.

¥10000 engraved by Edoardo Chiossone"No sir, we don’t have Japanese Yen in stock at the moment" – *grumble* – "But I could order it for you, will only take 4 days"… Great, that meant it was there on Tuesday before I left for Japan so if they screw up, at least I can try some other way. (On a side note: my bank offered to order the money for me but I declined it thinking GWK would be cheaper and faster – both turned out to be the opposite).

Looking back, it all turned out ok, even though I wanted to get 40,000 Yen (~275 euro) and only had money left for 36,000 because I got my pay check one day after that…

And for the more perceptive of you who already noticed my site was a bit faster than normal: I moved it to a dedicated server with a 100MBit internet link – should boost loading times 🙂 Also, since my ADSL provider will probably start migrating my internet at home while I’m in Japan, I guess the main site will probably be down while I’m gone. Ah well, can’t have everything.


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