Alpha ready for book library

So far I got an alpha version of the book search working. Instead of writing my own version of the library thats already available I decided to start out with a popup window which is run by my (external) parsing system.
By the time I got all the bumps I might release a patch here. Perhaps I’ll post a public version for testing as well since the community for the Book Library either doesn’t care or refuses to read posts other than their own complaining about problems (which 9 out of 10 times are their own fault as I posted on there multiple times – however I get ZERO response).

I even emailed the author but so far he hasn’t responded or given any other sign of being alive…

Ahh well, I’m mainly developing this for myself anyway. If somebody is interested in this addition to the Book Library I’ll be happy to supply you with my modified Mambo plugin (I kinda tweaked stuff throughout most of the original code)

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