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Done packing

Well, I’m done. Not so much that I’m 100% sure that I forgot something but I already sacrificed some cookies, sugar (for in the cappuccino I’m bringing ;-)) and one of my books I bought for the trip to make the backpack close and the suitcase below the 20kg weight limit (no way I’m paying a fine for have too much luggage on the way to Japan, perhaps the way back it will be different…).

No more like I’m done with preparing for the trip – its been over a year now that we worked on papers, projects, working for companies to sponsor the trip, writing reports, taking Japanese lessons (which by the way pretty much slipped my mind before we even leave) etc etc. I’m just ready to go.

Its 2:30 AM while I’m typing this and I’m about to try to get at least 8 hours of sleep so I can stay awake during the flight and thus prevent jet-lag. But if someone called me and said: "we leave NOW" I’d be up and ready to go.

By the way, I don’t reckon I’m able to get jet-lag as I don’t have a biorhythm: I’m used to getting 9 hours sleep (give or take) and I swap day and night pretty easily. So the gut-writhing feeling everyone is describing as being jet-lag, is just one of my rough weeks 🙂 I’ll get back later on that subject to let you guys (my loyal readers *cough*) know if it worked out.

Right now, my borrowed laptop is humming downstairs, trying to squeeze as much music on my shiny new Meizu M6 (better than an iPod Nano and half the price, beat that Apple!). I kinda modified it a little by uploading the Chinese firmware which enabled the FM-radio and made the menus look cooler, but still, better than most other players.

Well, that’s it for now, time to get some sleep before the big flight.