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Almost there…

In my last post I wrote about the styling of the site and how it was slowly coming together. Well I’m almost done with everything I wanted: frontpage – done, detail pages – done, menu – done, plugins – almost done etc… Right now I only need to update the template of the gallery and test out the new plugins I added to the site.

One of the main issues I found was that updating the whole site to look the same went to moot when I added support for the comments on my postings. For some reason the developer of that plugin thought it was awesome to do everything in baby blue and stack the whole damn layout in tables (if you don’t ‘do’ HTML, don’t worry, just shake your fist and read on). The result was a complete rebuild of the page to get everything where I wanted it. Besides, I went for a clean simple look instead of bloated (this is a blog after all) so stripping it down made everything look a whole lot better.

Finally I’d like to test the new media plugin (just had to :P) so here goes, this video is generated by my own server from a random video file I pulled from somewhere. To be exact this is Anna Tsuchiya with Taste My Skin. Never heard of her before up until 5 minutes ago but I think I like her style.


The next one is the sound track from Ichigo 100% and is from the Hanoi Team with Ike Ike. I like the song, even better than the original from the Venga Boys a decade ago.


For the more perceptive of you: yes, the first movie is streamed by my server, the second my is embedded from YouTube. Neat innit Cool?

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