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Current music in Japan

I was toying with the video embedding earlier on and during the Japanese course I take suddenly the question arises what kind of music is popular in Japan. As I already had some names and links at the ready I decided to throw this mashup together.

Note that my Japanese still pretty much blows (sumimase, watashi wa aho desu) so I tried to get the current chart hits (but if I couldn’t find them I’d find something from the artist.

First up is Ai Kawashima (川島 愛) with ‘Together’: {flv}demo/Ai_Kawashima_-_Together{/flv} She is currently holding 5 spots in the top 20 which made me conclude she had to be freaking good… And she kinda is; I like the song thats in the charts at number 3 atm better than the one above but I couldn’t find a video clip of it so heres the song, its called My Love: {mp3}demo/Ai_Kawashima_-_My_Love{/mp3}

Next up is number 4 on the list, Ken Yokoyama with Not Fooling Anyone: {flv}demo/Ken_Yokoyama_-_Not_Fooling_Anyone{/flv}

Another popular team in the current charts is the Crazy Ken Band with タオル (don’t ask, I have no clue): {youtube}f8mSfrjE_ZM{/youtube}

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