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Posting offline

The problem with being handy with websites is the fact that you manage to find new stuff to do over and over again (especially when your are supposed to be working on other stuff ;-))

One of the things I’d like is some offline tools to be able to type and work on postings without needing Internet all the time. Right now I’ve settled on Windows Live Writer for all my needs. Its pretty cool but I miss the options Joomla! (the program running this site) provides me.

Still its probably possible to get most things working by using plugins… Or even writing my own. Problem with the latter is that I probably don’t have enough time before I leave for Japan to actually do that.

Right now I’m looking into an issue with a friend that some videos seem to go missing. I don’t know the specifics yet but well get it sorted – I hope…

I’m also toying with the idea to switch the site over to a fast web server on a fiber line as my provider is toying with the idea to migrate my ADSL line while I’m gone… Well good luck to them I’d say.

Update: I opened my virtual mouth too soon – the blogging does not support pages nor read more links… Highly annoying and it made me think I should dive into the API’s this weekend.. Ah well. 

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