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After all is said and done… well I just had to post some anime music videos. I picked some soundtracks from my favorite shows and found the video clips. (I’m gonna be so broke if I find a music store in Osaka or Tokyo ;-))

For starters, lets begin with Origa. The song is called Rise and is the first opening tune for Ghost In The Shell: the 2nd GIG. Note that I couldn’t find a video clip of this song so this is the opening itself: {flv}demo/Origa_-_Rise{/flv}

We’ll kick off with one of the best Bleach soundtracks of the whole series: this is HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR with Ichirin no Hana: {flv}/demo/HIGH_and_MIGHTY_COLOR_-_Ichirin_no_Hana{/flv}

What I didn’t know but one of my fellow Japan travelers pointed out: they also did the soundtrack of Gundam Seed Destiny, this song is called Pride: {flv}/demo/HIGH_and_MIGHT_color_-_Pride{/flv}

To stick with Bleach, this one isn’t too bad but I had no idea the singer was so pretty: here’s Yui with Rolling Star: {flv}/demo/Yui_-_Rolling_Star{/flv}

Even though I didn’t watch everything of Gundam, this one is cool as well: Ignited from TM revolution: {youtube}ZEQfuLPo0lM{/youtube}

One of my favorites is the opening of Naruto Shippuden, this is Hero’s Come Back by Nobodyknows+: {flv}/demo/Nobodyknows_-_Heros_Come_Back{/flv}

Next up is the swinging into of Ghost Hound (Jazz anyone?). The song is called Poltergeist by Mayumi Kojima who appearantly did not make a video clip so I’ll post the intro of the anime: {flv}demo/Mayumi_Kojima_-_Poltergeist{/flv}

Finally the opening from the awesome series Claymore: the opening song is Claymore – Raison D’etre by Nightmare: {flv}demo/Nightmare_-_Raison_Detre{/flv}

Thats it for now, if I find some othe cool Japanese music I’ll put it up, for now, cya!

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