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Final Flight Check

Currently we found decent (albeit expensive) internet access in the Executive Tower of the hotel. After a failed experiment at the local Yahoo Internet Cafe we decided to upgrade our internet access to be able to actually use our own laptop instead of some crappy old machine that should belong in a museum rather than a internet cafe.

Right now we are checking flight numbers and I’m making sure I have something to do on the flight with my laptop – provided I can get the people at JAL to give me a seat with a power socket. Also, this time I will bring my laptop charger and converter so I can actually use the power (last time I could get such a seat as well but without the charger its kind of useless).

I will post everything about last week when I get back home as I don’t have the time to finish the postings right now (its 23:17 over here in Japan and I’m supposed to pack my luggage – or something).

Hopefully I’ll make it back in one piece and on the bright side (the dark side being we have to get up at 7 AM) I get to use my new noise-cancelling headphones from the Sony 2008 collection – yaay for Japan!

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