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Three weeks have passed and today (Saturday) was the last day that was semi-part of the study tour. After spending 2 hours of getting all my clothes folded up and packed again for transport I went to bed at 4 and got up at half past 7 (who needs sleep anyway in Japan?). I grabbed my suitcase, jumped into my clothes and headed for the elevator while some of my roommates wished me good luck (all three of them were headed back to Holland that day). I grabbed some coffee and white bread with strawberry jam for the last time (after one and half week eating strawberry jam its getting annoying) and after 25 minutes after my alarm went off I strolled into Tokyo.

After some painful stairs (painful feet and knees plus 35kg of luggage down steep narrow stairs is not the best way to start your day) I hopped on the subway out of Jimbocho towards Narita Airport to pick up my sister. I was very grateful that every subsequent station had escalators so I didn’t have to carry my luggage anymore. After 2 hours I finally got to Narita Airport terminal 1 and I found my sister. Luckily for her, her neighbour on the airplane was a travelling Australian bloke who liked to talked. After Tony joined us for some coffee at the Star Bucks we jumped on the Narita Express train which is a "high speed" train (well faster than a normal train anyway – nowhere near as fast nor cool as the Shinkansen though) to Tokyo and Shinagawa.

After we arrived at the hotel we checked in and dropped our luggage we tried if the beds were comfortable. After we woke up again we explored the shopping mall in the hotel and we ate at McDonalds and went to the movies at the hotel. Movie tip: "Sweeney Todd: the demon barber from hell" is pretty cool (Tim Burton and Johny Depp – duh) but the ending is a bit lame. After the movie we went back to our room, decided what we wanted to do the next day and we went to bed.

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