Debugging upload problems on JoomGallery

After installing JoomGallery and writing a migration script to migrate from Menalto Gallery2 (G2) , I finally got to uploading photos. But for some mysterious reason, every attempt to upload images would fail.

The manual upload did not work (blank page), the FTP upload did not work (blank page), the batch upload did not work (blank page or session timeout sending me back to the login) and the Java upload did not work either: 

wjhk.jupload2.exception.JUploadExceptionUploadFailed: wjhk.jupload2.policies.PictureUploadPolicy.checkUploadSuccess(): The string "JOOMGALLERYUPLOADSUCCESS" was not found in the response body

After poking around in the code for a bit I found out that the core of each upload is found in the class ‘admin.upload.php’ and that even with debugging enabled, zero output was shown. Even worse, looking at the Java upload handler, it became obvious that the error about "JOOMGALLERYUPLOADSUCCESS" not being found is simply not possible unless the script got terminated before it actually was done. Because I read stories about missing libraries and out of memory problems I decided to cook up a logging class to monitor the uploads to determine exactly where the script would stall.

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