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Power Consumption

Because now and then I wind up in a discussion about power consumption of random electronics I decided to measure the power needs of some random appliances around the house. These are the results:

  On / Powered Standby / Sleep
19” CRT monitor 85W 0W
17” CRT monitor 37W 1W
@Home Digital Cable Decoder 6W 6W
CRT TV 59cm (23”) 60W 6W
LCD TV 26” (66cm) 112W 1W

Please note that these are just an indication, a similar device you own might have different power needs but this gives you an idea at least. Also the TV’s I measured are relatively old (CRT, 15 years, the LCD 7 years) and modern LCD TV’s use less power but are bigger (so the Watts per inch are lower but the total power usage is larger).

Japan Blog Study Tour

Free roaming in Akihabara

IMG_3151 Today is our one day off in the study tour so ofcourse we decided to head out to Akihabara, a.k.a. electric town. Next to the station is the Laox, a Media Markt kind of store but with more variety. We thought the store would be bigger thanks to the description in the Lonely Planet (note: I found out later that they were remodeling the store so parts of it were hidden with walls). Next to the Laox was an anime store with loads of anime and manga, but ofcourse with everything in Japanese – sigh.