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Power Consumption

Because now and then I wind up in a discussion about power consumption of random electronics I decided to measure the power needs of some random appliances around the house. These are the results:

  On / Powered Standby / Sleep
19” CRT monitor 85W 0W
17” CRT monitor 37W 1W
@Home Digital Cable Decoder 6W 6W
CRT TV 59cm (23”) 60W 6W
LCD TV 26” (66cm) 112W 1W

Please note that these are just an indication, a similar device you own might have different power needs but this gives you an idea at least. Also the TV’s I measured are relatively old (CRT, 15 years, the LCD 7 years) and modern LCD TV’s use less power but are bigger (so the Watts per inch are lower but the total power usage is larger).