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Current music in Japan

Then, another swinging group called SID with Mitsuyubi (蜜指). I have admit I actually like this style…: {youtube}I-KTpUzbQ6I{/youtube}
SID appears another 3 times (!) in the current top 20 of Oricon. This is them performing the cool song called Natsukoi: {youtube}YNDAGr-D-9I{/youtube}
Last one I’ll post is bit lower paced than the others but its cool, Namida no Ondo: {youtube}R2IMYb4vWh8 {/youtube}

I just have to state that: yes, even though the music is ok, the singer looks like a dork from time to time but so did the bloke from Jamiroquai and they still became famous Tongue out


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